Stefano Chiappelli


His idea of ​​cooking has its roots firmly planted in tradition, especially that of Tuscany, revisited in a contemporary key.

At the Syrah restaurant of Tenuta del Buonamico, in Montecarlo, I bring my desire to experiment without abandoning the purity and integrity of the flavors of my land.

My passion for cooking was born since I was a child, looking at and tasting the dishes of my grandmother and mother.

This led me to love my job which brings me back to those beautiful moments of my childhood.

After an initial apprenticeship and having trained thanks to excellent colleagues in various

restaurants in the Lucchesia and some experiences in the United States, I proudly land at the Syrah restaurant



I am constantly researching and experimenting to enhance our incredible products that mother nature gives us every day, hoping that she will be able to transfer my passion into every dish that will come out of our kitchen. Commitment, dedication, sacrifice and love are essential elements for success together obviously with the union of the people who are part of the brigade to work together in harmony.

It is true that cooking is becoming, but it is equally true that purity and integrity of flavors are always the basis of the winning recipe that can be improved but never overturned. Stefano Chiappelli has become the Chéf of this extraordinary restaurant made such by the human matter that is inside, by the calmness and professionalism of MIRKO and MATTEO, to the energy and desire to do of CHRISTIAN. Together with them we offer a cuisine with a Tuscan soul, with local ingredients, served with the most modern techniques and combinations that my experiences have allowed me to learn, respecting our culinary tradition of our wonderful territory ”


Welcome Stefano

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