Jonathan Pardini


His culinary art has its roots firmly rooted in tradition, especially the Tuscan one, revisited in a modern key. “At the Syrah restaurant of the Fontana family, in Montecarlo, I carry my desire to experiment without abandoning the purity and integrity of flavors. I approached the kitchen on tiptoe, in the true sense of the word: as a child I used to stand at the edge of a table to watch my grandmother tinkering between pots and pans to turn her table products into tasty dishes. It is by observing those enchanting and delicious creations that the spark of the Chef has struck inside me, that passion for the kitchen soon became my great love, the work of my life. “





That’s why the first time I walked into a restaurant kitchen I knew I was at home. For me, creating dishes means experiencing emotions that never end, that will live forever in those who will share them with me. Updating is a categorical imperative as well as reading the books of star chefs. I learned new techniques thanks to some of them, to experiences in the field always maintaining a Socratic approach. But my mentor remains my grandmother who with the freshness of the ingredients and the simplicity of cooking managed to cook dishes seasoned with the genuineness of tradition, the perfume of the past. I try every day to be true to my motto: Bringing the best of the past into the future.

It is true that the kitchen is becoming, but it is equally true that the purity and integrity of the flavors are always the basis of the winning recipe that can be improved but it must never be turned upside down. Jonathan Pardini for his professional skills has been called to collaborate on three editions of the book “The Art in the Kitchen. The Chefs meet the artists “edited by Giorgio Mondadori, and I become the Chéf of this extraordinary restaurant made such by the human matter that is inside, from the exuberance of MATTEO, to the wisdom of up to the patience of KLIDI.

Together with them we offer a cuisine with a Tuscan soul, with local ingredients, served with the most modern techniques and habits that the experiences made allowed me to learn, respecting tradition ”  

 Welcome Jonathan


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