Stefano Gallo


He has turned his passion into a job, a love that is translated into his dishes.

“For me the feeling with this world, the food, the raw materials, begins when I was little, and there are episodes in my childhood, made of smells, traditions, sensations, rituals, that made me choose this profession as a style of life. A dress sewn on that I will always dress, because only when I wear my white jacket can I feel like a new child “




I definitely owe my success to my family, when at the age of 8 I was taking my first steps in the old family food store where you could find everything. Where my grandfather placed the fruit and vegetable counter, a kaleidoscope of local first fruits, placed with painstaking attention to create a harmony of colors. On the other side my grandmother used to prepare converse and typical sweets, in fact every morning we woke up with the smell of fresh bread. From these attentions of my grandparents I felt the love for the raw material, which was the key to their success. Along with their teachings, those of my parents were added, with my father and my mother, from which I learned the art of valorisation and zero waste of what one has the privilege of using. So today I try to use 100% using every part of every animal I cook. Concluded the school to the IPSSAR of soverato where in the summer seasons I was lucky enough to work as a brigade, I felt the desire to train myself learning the techniques of the chefs whose books I have consumed by reading, and I decided to suffer and travel the world: Rome at the Palazzo Montemartini, Verbier at La Cordee Des Alpes, New York with the Boulud company, London with Tom Cook to name a few. For example, I arrived in London as my last experience abroad. It is demi chéf and I left Sous Chéf, hard and difficult years but full of satisfactions.

At a certain point, however, I felt the need to go home, I was forgetting what it meant to be Italian, our flavors and our sacred traditions.

So here I am, in Tuscany, in Lucca and especially in Montecarlo, where I know the Fontana family, which offers me the guide of the Syrah, and I become the Chéf of this extraordinary restaurant made such by the human material that is inside, the exuberance of FEDERICO, the wisdom of STEFANO, the sweetness of MARIALUCIA, and the patience of TAZTUYA

Welcome Stefano

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