Only starting from solid foundations can one expect to reach solid heights. The Syrah restaurant, born from the love of the Fontana family for the territory. In fact, in the beginning it was the wine; every year the historic winery produces over 300,000 bottles.

From these solid bases, it was therefore decided to give life to a satellite and neighbouring project: the Syrah Restaurant. The intent is to give a unique food and wine experience, enhancing the excellent raw materials of the Tuscan territory.
The extra-virgin olive oil and the wine will be the heart around which our culinary proposal will rotate.

Creativity, originality and constant research combined with our love for the traditions, will be further motivations to visit us.


Lunch 12.00 – 14.30
Dinner 19.30 – 22.30
Closing day: Wednesday
Tel. 0583 1809796


The territory. This is the guide that will animate the menu of our restaurant.
Seasonal products, respect for the raw materials, tradition and quality, will be the basic pieces that will complete this great puzzle that composes our menu, rooted with pride to our land of Tuscany.
We will work to ensure that our gastronomic offer will leave its mark; like a very good dish … when you are about to finish it, it leaves its mark, with the desire to come back soon to eat it again.
Lucia Tellone


After experiences in Italy, Norway and Sweden, she decided to mmove forward as executive chef … and she had her first experience in Tuscany.
“The kitchen as an art form”, this is her idea. A cook is not a mere assembler of ingredients; he must always be hungry for knowledge, broaden the mind and know how to make culture a valuable ally in the kitchen.
Starting from tradition and making it contemporary, making the kitchen and the concepts that feed it, easy and ready to use.

Private Dining

For a private dinner, a unique and special moment, Buonamico will be able reserve an intimate corner inside its suggestive setting. A table by the pool, or in our panoramic terrace, rather than in “Hell”; let yourself be pampered by the professionalism of our staff who will be exclusively at your disposal for the evening and will advise you in choosing the menu and every detail for a very special experience.

Olive Oli Experience

Buonamico specializes not only in the production of fine wines, but also in the production of extra virgin olive oil. The 2ha of olive groves present in the estate give life to our “Buonamico DOP Lucca”, an oil with a strong and fruity taste, excellent expression of the typical Tuscan flavors. Be guided by our qualified team, in a tasting to discover the organoleptic characteristics of this unique product.

Cooking courses

If you like cooking and you are fascinated by it, you will have the opportunity to reward yourself with a unique experience: a special cooking class, which like a tailor’s dress, will be sewn on you, according to your curiosities and your needs.
The kitchen of “Syrah” and its chef, will be happy to open the doors and welcome you to enjoy a truly unique experience.


The choice of the raw material is concentrated on the regional territory, involving the realities, people and products able to best satisfy our identity and the final result: at your table a succession of dishes, the result of the work of many, ours and others.
From cured meats to dairy products, from vegetables to the fruits of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Tuscan archipelago, the delicacies come to life in our kitchens to let you discover the gastronomic journey we have tailor-made for you, to thank you every time for choosing us.

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